Why should our school connect to solarschools.net?

Solarschools.net has been supporting solar schools with real time energy data for over 6 years. We already have over 1,400 schools connected and our site has won numerous awards for innovation and ease of use. Our staff have been committed to renewable energy education for over a decade and we offer schools a fixed fee solution with no ongoing fees or need to quote. Energy consumption data is supplied via our exclusive partnership with Australia's leading metering provider. Our products are Australian owned and manufactured.

How do I apply for solar PV funding?

The Federal government has introduced the National Solar Schools Program funding. All Australian schools are eligible to receive funding for a (minimum) 2kw solar photovoltaic system as well as energy efficiency and water saving programs. As part of the requirement to be eligible for funding schools must be able to access their energy data via an eligible web-based data monitoring service. solarschools.net has been delivering this service to support solar schools for over 6 years, to ensure your connected to our program please fill in our website registration form. For more information on the Federal Government funding and to register your school visit the National Solar Schools Program.

How long will the monitoring program take to set up?

Connecting to solarschools.net is very simple. If you have already chosen your solar provider then provide us with the solar installer’s details and we will ensure they have all they need to get you connected. We already have a relationship with most solar installers nationally and we support all current types of solar inverters including SMA and Fronius IG. Once your order is in the monitoring device and all equipment will be supplied to your solar installer ready for connection at the time of the solar PV system installation. Once your solar PV system is switched on you will be receiving live solar generation statistics to use in conjunction with our solar education resources.

Are there other solar activities we can undertake at school?

There are a great number of complimentary solar activities for class groups to undertake one example is the solar boat building program which solarschools.net will be incorporating into the website resources in 2009. Contact us now for more information about this program. There are also a great myriad of practical solar “Do It Yourself” ideas in the copy of Going Solar which will be provided to your school library once connected to solarschools.net.

Is my school's solar inverter working?

Complete this Inverter checklist.

Is my school's data logger (Hot-e) working?

Complete this Hot-e checklist.

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