Greenhouse Gas Effect

Have you ever been inside a greenhouse?

What did you notice about the atmosphere?

You can examine the effect on temperature of a greenhouse by doing a simple activity described in the activities section. The Greenhouse Effect is the trapping of solar heat energy by gases in the atmosphere. The greenhouse effect is usually beneficial to us as it prevents the planet from freezing or getting too cold when the sun goes down.

However the Enhanced Greenhouse Effect caused by the accelerated increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere may be causing Global Warming. This could lead to the melting of the polar ice caps which would raise the levels of the oceans and cause flooding of islands and other low lying coastal areas. It may also have a major effect on rainfall and other world climatic patterns, creating extreme and unpredictable weather.

Global warming has the potential to bring catastrophic changes to our environment that will affect not only us, but also all life on the planet.

Greenhouse Gas Effect and Global Warming

As well as greenhouse gases being capable of increasing the earth's atmospheric temperature, some of the gases produced by burning fossil fuels can be toxic and can cause pollution. One of these is sulphur dioxide, which produces acid rain.

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