Solar Schools

Solar School

In the Solar School system the school remains connected to the normal electricity supply and is called a "grid tied" or "grid interactive" system. At times, the PV Solar System may generate more power than is being used by the school, which is then fed back into the electricity grid.

There are several different sizes and types of systems installed across Australian schools. Be sure to check the Solar System page for each school before comparing the generation between systems.

Environmental and Educational Benefits:

  • "free" electricity for the school - with a 2 kV system this is the equivalent of 9 computers and lighting for 3 classrooms
  • a 2 kV system displaces approx 2.9 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions from non renewable energy sources
  • the PV system works silently and produces no pollution
  • schools require electricity during daylight hours, which is when solar power is generated
  • students have access to both the PV system and a range of computer-based education materials, developed to raise their awareness of the green energy technologies of the future.
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