The website was developed to provide schools with an opportunity to understand their energy usage and then take action to reduce it.

Our ideology is to utilise technology readily accepted by students today to stimulate interest in energy education through the use of the real time data in classroom analysis.

Through solarschools.net we deliver outcomes that are mutually beneficial to the school community and to government and private sponsors. The program is a success due to the web design and development expertise of Brown Paper Bag.

Together, the Alliance is able to deliver initiatives and profiling opportunities for any industry based on solid and sustainable foundations.

Solarschools.net has won numerous web based awards for its innovation and intelligent use of real time data to effect behavioural change; we lead the market in utilising the web to support education in schools in meaningful and challenging ways and we are committed to helping schools share their learning’s without geographic limitation.

The integration of programs, which have relevance to community, is of paramount importance to the success of the out initiative. As such, the direction of a Corporations marketing spend into programs that support the community base in meaningful ways is a far better approach to typical mass marketing techniques.

The most successful and cost effective programs in society have a strong foundation in their Grassroots!

For more information regarding social marketing opportunities contact support@solarschools.net




If you have a dishwasher in the office kitchen, the electric hot water system under the bench could be switched off - saving 1-2 kg CO2 per day from the hot water tank's heat loss and putting you well ahead energy wise.
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