Empower your School to Create a Sustainable Future

The Solar Schools program combines educational resources and energy monitoring products, supporting students and schools to use real energy data to create change.

Explore Energy Efficiency
with our Complete Curriculum

Solar Schools is practical, engaging and aligned with the Australian Curriculum, from foundation right through to senior secondary.

The program brings data and science to life through comprehensive teaching resources, as well we a suite of interactive tools and applications. Unit plans, lesson plans and student activities are all included, across a range of learning areas.
Educational experiences are based on your school's energy data, which is monitored and recorded in real time.
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We believe we all need to work together to protect our planet and that local changes in schools and communities can add up to create global impact.

Ignite Learning
with Real-World Experiences

Solar Schools includes an entire ecosystem of resources and tools, designed to make teaching about energy use easier and more engaging than ever before.

Underpinning the program is sophisticated technology that monitors and analyses a school's energy use, as well as any energy generated by solar panels.

This data enhances classroom learning across all STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) learning areas. Even better, students can design strategies to change energy use in the school and measure the effectiveness of their ideas.

Armed with knowledge and enthusiasm, Solar Schools students are ready to start making a difference.

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Make the Invisible Visible

When you sign up to Solar Schools, you unlock a rich ecosystem of learning resources. Together, these resources turn invisible concepts, like energy, into tangible insights.

how it works diagram
how it works diagram

Get Started with Solar Schools

The friendly team at Solar Schools provides personal support and training to help you get the most out of the program. Here's how you can get things underway:

Contact the Solar Schools team to sign-up your school.

We'll liaise with your electrician to have energy meters installed at your school.

View and analyse your energy data using the Solar Schools graphs and tools.

Our comprehensive teacher resources will help you nurture student understanding and problem solving.

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