We take Energy Education further

Comprising of a full suite of innovative products which are supported by a sophisticated system, bringing data to life in the classroom has never been made easier.

Make the Invisible Visible

When you sign up to Solar Schools, you unlock a rich ecosystem of learning resources. Together, these resources turn invisible concepts, like energy, into tangile insights.

Solar Schools Website

School Portal

Interactive resources to track, visualise and analyse your school's own energy data over days, months, seasons and years.

Teachers Toolkit

Teacher's Toolkit

Detailed unit plans, lesson plans and activities for students from Year 1 through to year 12.

Knowledge Bank

Knowledge Bank

References, research and resources for self directed learning, all in one place.

Galaxy Girl

Planet Watch

An exciting app that gamifies sustainable behaviour and demonstrates the impacts of energy consumption.


Digital Tools and Apps

Use the Public API and the Engine Room to interact with data in depth.

Power Widgets

Power Widgets for School Website

These handy web widgets allow schools to showcase their individual energy data on their school's website, providing easy visualisation of school energy usage.

Energy Display Board

LED In-School Energy Display

The Display Board makes it easy for schools to display their own energy data on any LED display in their school, for a simple way to showcase energy usage.

Get Started with Solar Schools

The friendly team at Solar Schools provides personal support and training to help you get the most out of the program. Here's how you can get things underway:

Contact the Solar Schools team to sign-up your school.

We'll liaise with your electrician to have energy meters installed at your school.

View and analyse your energy data using the Solar Schools graphs and tools.

Our comprehensive teacher resources will help you nurture student understanding and problem solving.

Become a Solar School and Use These Tools to Bring Energy Data to Life

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