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It's Easy to Make Learning
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When your school subscribes to the Solar Schools program, you'll get access to a comprehensive set of educational resources, supported by a student Knowledge Bank for self-directed learning.

These resources are enhanced by energy meters installed at your school. The live data collected helps students put theory into practice, empowering them to create solutions for real change.
Australian Curriculum Aligned
Unit plans, lesson plans & student activities
'Off-the-shelf' resources save you time!

The Tools to Teach with Impact

  • Use unit and lesson plans, and student resources, aligned with the Australian Curriculum and available for every year level.
  • Save time preparing for lessons with off-the-shelf teaching resources in one place.
  • Encourage students to get involved in the STEM curriculum with hands-on experiences.
  • Foster self-directed learning by encouraging students to use the Knowledge Bank.
  • Build a supportive peer network by working with or becoming your school's Teacher Champion.
  • Take action as a school to improve energy efficiency, then measure the results and savings.

Maximise your Time
with our Toolkit

The Teacher's Toolkit makes it easy for you to guide students through our curriculum-aligned subjects. You can use our lesson plans on their own or tie them in with the broader unit we've designed.

Useful links to extra content are included, helping you quickly access the information you need. And our online Knowledge Bank makes it easy for students to learn how to research and find the information they're looking for.
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Explore Our Educational Resources:

Year 1

All we need is...

Year 2

Water for Life

Year 3

Heat from the Sun

Year 4

Material World

Year 5

Light and Solar Energy

Year 6

Electrical Energy and Sources

Year 7

Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources

Year 8

Forms of Energy

Year 9

Energy Transfer

Year 10

Law of Conservation of Energy

Year 10

Global Systems and Climate Change

Year 11 & 12

Lesson Plans

A Detailed Program Designed By Experts

The Solar Schools program is designed by experts in environmental education, sustainability and the Australian Curriculum. Discover in detail what you'll receive in each educational resource.

Unit Plans

Our Unit Plans break down each primary subject into smaller topics, providing you with a clear and comprehensive outline of lessons and learning objectives.

By following the Unit Plan over the course of the term, your students will systematically work through the subject matter, developing their understanding of each topic and achieving the learning outcomes mapped out in the plan.

What's Included?

  • Purpose (General capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities)
  • Unit outline
  • Concepts/big idea/theme
  • Australian Curriculum content descriptions
  • Academic vocabulary instruction
  • Achievement standard
  • Teaching sequence
  • Learning and teaching plan
  • Teacher reflection on unit plan

Lesson Plans

Our comprehensive Lesson Plans provide all the information and resources you need to teach students about each topic covered in the subject's Unit Plan.

In each Lesson Plan, you'll be equipped with a detailed topic overview, rationale and details of supporting activities, intended learning outcomes, a list of topic resources, and ideas for how to extend lessons.

What's Included?

  • Teacher information
  • Activity rationale
  • Learning alerts
  • Intended learning outcomes
  • Required resources
  • Science language used
  • Activity details
  • Lesson extension ideas
  • Safety guide
  • References

Student Activities

Student Activities make it super-simple for your students to get ‘hands on' with the subject matter.

Using these activities, students can apply what they've learnt in a fun and practical way that furthers their understanding of the topic. Each activity sheet provides clear instructions on the activity inclusions, a list of required materials, questions to check students' understanding, and additional practical challenges.

What's Included?

  • Activity overview
  • Materials and equipment list
  • Tables, graphs, diagrams
  • Additional challenges

Learning experiences are based on your own energy data, helping students understand and actively reduce energy consumption.


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