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Cycling together is a great family activity.

Choosing to walk or cycle

Ditching the car and going on foot or riding a bike is a much more sustainable way to travel – plus, there are lots of other benefits, like getting fit and enjoying the fresh air.

Burning Questions

Why should I walk or cycle?

Cars pump out lots of nasty emissions that pollute our atmosphere - so the more we can reduce our car usage, the better it is for the environment.

Walking and cycling are two great ways to travel short distances. Plus, many towns and cities have dedicated walking and cycling paths that make it easy to get around and be safe.

What are the benefits of cycling?

Riding your bike is an awesome way to get around. Travelling on this nifty vehicle is great for all sorts of reasons:

  • No pollution, so great for the environment
  • Good for your health – cycling is great exercise and a perfect way to keep fit
  • Cycling is a fun activity to do as a group – why not ask friends and family along for the ride?
  • Riding on your bike may mean you get to travel a different route and see new places

What are the benefits of walking?

If it's possible to do your journey on foot instead of by car, there are heaps of benefits to travelling on your own two feet:

  • No pollution, so great for the environment
  • Good for your health – walking gets your heart pumping and lets you use your muscles
  • Walking with friends can be fun, as you get the chance to chat along the way
  • When you walk as opposed to drive, you have more opportunity to enjoy the scenery

How can I walk or cycle more?

You might be surprised at just how many of your regular car journeys can be done on foot or by bike.

Think about whether you could get to any of the following places by walking or cycling instead of by car:



Local Shops

Local shops





What Do You Mean?

boys cycling

Human power applied to the pedals pushes the bicycle forward.

Walking means travelling on foot – it can be defined as never having both feet off the ground at once!

Cycling means to ride a manual (non-motorised) bicycle, also known as a 'push bike'.

Cool Facts

It takes about 20 million steps to walk around the whole of the Earth.

Cool Facts

The longest walk ever recorded was travelled by a man called George Meegan, who walked a whopping 30,608 kilometres – the journey took him 2425 days (more than 6 years!)

Speedy Summary

Super Kids

Walk with friends to chat, enjoy the scenery and help the environment.

Walking or cycling are two of the greenest ways you can travel – they're pollution-free and also great for your health.

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